Early submissions announced to be screened 


Somewhere Something's Burning

'Somewhere Something's Burning" is a dark drama centered around a family who has recently lost their patriarch. This film explores the family's daily struggles with grief in the isolated countryside.

Filmmaker : Graham Holt

(runtime 20:00)


The Chills Part 2
A woman escapes into the woods, but is trapped by her hunger.

Filmmaker : Brooke Cellars

(runtime 12:00)

day tripper-poster.jpg

Day Trippers 

A couple on route to a Day Trip getaway find themselves lost after taking a sudden detour that is not part of their weekend plans.

What they don't realize is that some detours lead to dead ends.

Filmmaker : Erin Bennett

(runtime 7:08)


Brunch before Baptism 

A comedy about a toxic family situation with a splash of Holy water and a twist of lime!!!

Filmmaker : David C. Luck, Kent J. Arceneaux

(runtime 18:00)

Matill County-poster.jpg

Matill County 

Matill County is home of many civilians and unknown creatures, during nuclear experiments these creatures are unleashed, attempting to take control over the world.

Filmmaker Holden Benjamin Kidd

(runtime 7:17)


Behind the Tomb

In 1959 South Louisiana, family patriarch Edward LeBlanc dies suddenly -- without revealing the location of his hidden fortune. His son is desperate to find the money. An exploration of love, grief and mental illness set among the canefields and bayous.

Filmmaker Victor Hollingsworth

(runtime 19:00)


Parent Alienation

Based on a true story. A father struggles with being alienated from his young daughter.

Filmmaker Bud Joseph Hebert

(runtime 13:57)


Life is My Choice 

A woman planning an abortion has second thoughts when she hears the heartbeat of her child.

Filmmaker : Carrie Simon

(runtime 7:17)


Stories Not For the Serious Presents Unbalanced BreakfastA couple enjoying a quiet evening at home get an unexpected visitor with a very unexpected request.

Filmmaker : Ross Thibodeaux 

(runtime 12:00)


Freedom PointA doctor is assigned the case of a woman who must confront her difficult past. As she describes a recurring nightmare, the truth is revealed.

Filmmaker : Ellen Lindsay

(runtime 12:00)

Because of Venus-poster.jpg

Because of VenusIf we cannot win against Love, then how do we lose ourselves to it? “Because of Venus” is a short film about struggles within our most intimate relationship - our origin stories. It deals with the way those pressures shape us. Using layers of storytelling it seems to pose and answer its own questions. We didn’t start the fire, but we are here to see what stays and what burns away.

Filmmaker : Jolene Heather Koffarnus

(runtime 7:13)


The Time Traveler

If you had the means to turn back time, would you? That's the moral quandary posed in this gripping tale of life, love, redemption, and ethics. Teetering between danger and discovery, follow Gerard and Susan as they journey through the past in an effort to change the future. Gerard Bourque's father unexpectedly passes away and Gerard is left with nothing but a key; but, that key could be the passage transitioning time forever. What will Gerard choose? Will he change the fate of mankind? How far would you go to change the world?

Filmmaker : Carrie Simon

(runtime 7:13)


CaffeinatedAn ex-couple finds themselves facing the undead at a mutual friend's (if you can call her that) wedding. Karen and Scott take shelter in the only place they can get into; a bar. Faced with the harsh reality of both sporting zombie bites and the fact that they are stuck together until death literally parts them. They wait. They drink coffee.

Filmmaker : Erin Bennett

(runtime 8:19)


MommyA young suburban mother and wife is living the life she had always dreamed of until one tragic event changed everything.

Filmmaker : Kent Arceneaux

(runtime 8:15)

the quite cajuns-poster.jpg

The Quiet Cajuns: One Heritage. Two Generations. One Disease.

There are hundreds of Cajuns who have never heard a fiddle waltz and who lose their vision because of a genetic quirk that came here with the Acadians over two centuries ago. This documentary tells the story of Acadian Usher Syndrome, which has sprinkled many Cajun family trees with deafblind aunts, uncles and cousins. Documenting the genealogy of families like the LeJeunes, Babineauxs, Desormeauxs, Heberts and Benoits helped researchers uncover its molecular basis and bring us to the brink of a cure. Now technology, services and education are eliminating isolation, thus setting yet another vibrant culture on the path to assimilation.

Filmmaker : Conni Castille

(runtime 20:00)

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