1pm - 3pm short films 


Zombie Pizza Party (9m:15sec) The only thing missing from this zombie apocalypse is pizza.  Directed by Avery Christmas from California 


Good Man - Honour your Father and Mother (9m:59sec) A Priest will face the hard choice whether to save his soul or reliability. What on earth will he do?  Directed by Daniele Zinelli from Italy. 


NEIMAD (10m:21sec)  In a last-ditch attempt to regain control of his life and reclaim his faith (which now hangs in the balance) Cliff decides to confront the trusted Reverend about everything that he's lost and his now questionable belief. However, instead of getting the spiritual guidance and solace that he is desperately seeking, Cliff ends up discovering more than he ever could've bargained for when the Reverend takes off his "mask" and finally reveals his TRUE identity.  Directed by Charmaine Parker Lewis and Torrez Hypolite from New Iberia, Louisiana. Staring Jeff Roberts, Treylan Gonsoulin and Bryan J Anthony. 


Mr. Galavan  (8m:32sec)  A young couple by the name of Ben and Susan Anderson visit an open house and get accompanied by a very odd and strangely aggressive real estate agent, Mr. Galavan.  Directed by Kameron Williams and James Forshag from Youngsville, Louisiana. Staring Kameron Williams, James Forshag and Olivia Beverly.


Pumpkyn (12m:30sec)  An odd, shy girl meets two other girls at their old high school on Halloween night.  Directed by Brooke Edler Hebert from Youngsville, LA.  Staring Amy Wickenheiser, JC Domanque and Amanda Caldwell. 


Kubric  (13m:53sec)  Kubric, follows the story of Eleanor Myer on her way home from College for her mother's 50th birthday. She finds herself stopping in the rural town of Kubric. While there Eleanor inadvertently gathers the attention of a mysterious man with telepathic powers. Now fighting for her life both physically and mentally, Eleanor must find her way out of Kubric before she fades into nonexistence. Directed by Anthony Greco from Ontario, Canada. 


The Chills  (7m:19sec) A serial killer on the loose. A girl home alone. You know the story...or do you?  Directed by Brooke Edler Hebert from Youngsville, LA.  Staring Catherine Bailey, David Hebert, Josh Boulanger and Helen Hebert. 

4pm - 6pm short films


Deliverance (8m:43s) Deliverance from your bondages. The enemy likes to keep us in chains. If we have the faith that our God can set us free, He will come and set us free and break those chains just as He did at the Cross. If we give in to the enemy, and show unbelief, then those chains will remain there. Directed by Kaylyn Ardoin from Broussard, Louisiana.  Staring Dee Guidry and Tyler Ardoin


Retirement (15m:00) What happened to Delilah McDonald? Directed by Joshua Thomas from California  


Punta Allen (5m:53sec) Punta Allen is a small Mayan fishing village in the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. The village has a population of 469 inhabitants, has only 4-5 blocks of sandy streets and is only about 6-7 streets wide. This is where the movie was shot - on an iPhone XS. Directed by Simon Keller from Switzerland. 


Fast Forward Style (12m:30sec)  A glamorous 50 year old widow goes on dates with a variety of men whom she meets on the elite dating website "Fast Forward Style”. Directed by Kari Kennon from Shreveport, LA. 


Salty Duck (2m:36sec)  Artist Paul Schexnayder serves up dark humour with a side of whimsical illustrations and delicious ending. Directed by Paul Schexnayder from New Iberia, LA 


The Taste of Summer (8m:02sec)  A poetic exploration of the sultry season.  Directed by James Edmunds from New Iberia, LA.  Staring Kathryn Hesse Reaux 


The Narrow Path (15m:00)  In the year 70AD, two Jewish brothers are at odds with each other regarding faith and family as the most powerful army on earth breaks through the walls of Jerusalem and decimates the city! Shot entirely in Louisiana using green screen technology and Unreal Engine. Directed by Michael Everett, Written by Richard Zeringue, Staring Richard Zerinque, Rachel G Whittle and Robby Wilson. 


Loup Garou in the Bayou trailer (5m:04sec) This is a "proof of concept" video intended to be used as part of a funding packet for the feature film "Loup Garou in the Bayou" which is currently in development. The film is described as a Horrifying Comedy that attempts to answer the following question: How can two Cajun guys, just trying to make a living, save their town from a Loup Garou when they don’t even know what a Loup Garou is?  Directed by Bart Wild from Crowley, LA.  Staring Trevor Chapman and Cameron Metrejean.